Relokacja maszyn

Our company offers professional transfers of machinery, process lines and manufacturing plants.

As the only company in Poland, we have small-sized mobile cranes with the capacity of up to80 tons!! for efficient and mobile relocation of machinery, robots, process lines, both inside and outside of manufacturing plants.


  • Relocations, transfer of machinery and process lines
  • Inside and outside displacements – specialist cranes capable of moving cargo up to 80 tons
  • Transport inside and outside of the facility
  • Disassembly, assembly and transport of oversized equipment up to 200 tons
  • unloading, positioning, connection and startup
  • digital leveling
  • scrapping - disassembly of machinery and equipment

We perform all activity using professional equipment: mobile cranes, overhead framework, transport rollers, platforms and forklifts, which allow for movement, assembly or disassembly of equipment in hard to reach places.

We cooperate with companies that offer specialized oversized transport.

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